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During the morning service, 0 - 2 year olds have their own room with age appropriate toys, books and sensory play.  We have nappy-changing facilities and a large main area. Kids are given space to play and a snack can be provided. There is also a baby feeding room by the main entrance where you can feed your baby in private.

On Your First Visit

Registering your child is quick and easy.  You can register on Sunday using a simple form with your details, your child’s details and an emergency contact number.  We’ll ask about allergies, any medical details or other information that would be helpful for us to know about. If you are planning a visit, and have a spare two minutes, please register in advance.

We’ll need you to check your child in before leaving them in our care. 

Check-in opens in the crèche from 10.45am. One of our welcome team can show you were to go. 


Some parents in our church like to keep their children with them during the service. It’s not a problem if you’d prefer to do this. Babies and toddlers love our crèche, however if your child is having a hard time being separated from you, we are happy to work with you to make you and your child more comfortable. 


If there are any issues that need your attention during the service, one of the crèche volunteer team will come and find you. Please remember to check out your child as soon as the service finishes.



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