HEY PAL - Welcome to RENDER - our teens ministry!


We are a community who champion teens and raise them up as a generation who are unashamed to follow Jesus. 


Whether you’re up for a life of adventure with Jesus or have lots of questions about what following Jesus actually means we would love you to join us! 

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Render Fridays is our weekly teens in-person gathering.


We meet at 7pm every Friday at Re:Hope West End for all the fun, Jesus centred Bible teaching, epic worship and prayer.


At Render we value community so whether you attend Re:Hope, go to a different church or don't go to church at all this is a place for you!


To sign up click the link below and be sure to follow us on Instagram @renderglasgow to be kept in the loop with everything that's happening!


Bible Read Through groups are Re:Hope’s version of small groups, meeting once a week to grow in a deeper love of God by reading His Word.

Our Teens’ Bible Read Through groups currently meet on Sundays, at 4:30PM at the church. Every week, we read part of the Bible in our time. When our groups meet, we share what has stood out to us from the reading, and pray for each other.




The Render team is led by Rachel Mackay. Rachel is a chemist in degree name but the only experimentation she now enjoys is determining how best to serve, minister to and be involved in raising up the next generation of Jesus followers.


Rachel loves the passion and energy that young people carry and yearns to see them living as who they were created to be, in relationship with the Lord. Her role involves cultivating a space that allows for their growth through relational discipleship, teaching and community. She believes the Lord is raising up teenagers to faithfully and boldly proclaim the good news and aims to encourage them in doing that!


If you have a question or would like to find out more, email rachel.mackay@rehope.co.uk