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 • learn more about Re:Hope through our new online course

Foundations of Re:Hope


A 9 lesson course about Re:Hope's backstory, structure and the 6 membership commitments.


If you're looking to learn more about Re:Hope as a church or interested in becoming a member but would like a better understanding of the 6 membership commitments, this 9 lesson course is a great starting point. 

Through a series of videos, Brian will talk you through all things Re:Hope including:

1. Re:Hope Backstory

2. Re:Hope Structure

3. Loving God

4. Loving People

5. Serving 

6. BRT

7. Pre-Service Prayer

8. Giving 

9. Women in Ministry

There will also be opportunities to respond to Brian as he asks questions throughout the lessons. 

Additional Information

The entire course is about 3.5 hours long, but each section is broken down into bite-sized pieces and formatted in a way so that you can go as quickly or slowly through it as you'd like.


Please note, we will be asking for your email throughout the course so we know who is answering the questions as you go along. Answers are not mandatory, so feel free to only answer what you want to!   

​Here's a preview of what you can expect in this course

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