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@ Re:Hope West End

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Jesus told his followers that they’d be identified by their love for each other!


Try something different today to generously show love to someone in our church family.

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What does generosity look like in your local context? In your street, or close, or student halls? Do something generous today to demonstrate God’s love to your neighbours!


Join us for our West End litter pick at 7pm at Re:Hope West End.

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Make the most of where God has placed you, and be generous towards the people he’s put around you!


Find a way to bless those in your workplace, choir, sports team — wherever you find yourself today.

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Sometimes the brokenness of our world is overwhelming. As an act of faith and worship today, give to a cause bigger than yourself and ask God to multiply its impact.


Donate to Tearfund’s Afghanistan Crisis appeal here

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Jesus’ teaching on love was radical, and pushes us beyond where its easy or expected.


Invite the person you disagree with over for dinner. Forgive and bless that person who hurt you. Step beyond what’s comfortable today.

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